There are many proposals for obtaining discounts and scholarships which are also published within the deadlines for submitting applications, often financed by partner companies in anticipation of future recruitments. The placement of the master of the past editions is in fact 100%. In detail the first initiatives:

Master's degree

🟣 Unoccupied students also for the VI edition of the master's degree will be entitled to a discount of 2.500 euros to cover the master's enrollment.

 🟣  For public administration employees in service, the INPS has deliberated the funding of contributions to cover the master's enrollment of 5.000 euros. For information, consult the notice published on the INPS website

🟣 Everyone has the possibility to pay the cost of the Master in installments and pay the entire fee in three installments (to request the installment write to

🟣 Those who have attended teachings or the entire mastering course in "Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection" in previous editions can request the validation of previous studies. The cost of enrollment will be weighted in consideration of the personalized plan.

🟣 11 scholarships of 2.500 euros for unemployed people funded by

Advanced course

🟣 2.516 euro discount to cover master's enrollment for unemployed students

🟣  possibility to enroll in individual parts of the course or individual teachings depending on your professional interests

🟣 50% discount for single courses and parts (I, II, IIIa or IIIb) for

🟣 UNIGE doctoral students, unoccupied, employed with flexible forms of work

"Specialize to Compete 2023"

public notice for the provision of individual vouchers for the reimbursement of tuition costs a Master of I and II level

Postgraduate training courses.
a) educational qualification: degree, specialist degree, single-cycle degree, old system degree
b) residence in Liguria
c) age: up to 35 years
d) already completed enrollment in a Master's or post-graduate specialization course
e) not having used the voucher in the past 2021 edition of the Notice "Specialize to compete"

All the info on the Liguria Region website



Last update 4 August 2023